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Timpson officer gives anointed prayer cloths to law enforcement

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CENTER, TX - After hearing about the killings of three Baton Rouge officers, Timpson Police Officer Jacob Metcalf turned to his church for guidance.“I immediately contacted my pastor and asked if we could do some prayer cloths for protection over the Shelby County officers as we perform our duties,” Metcalf said.Their faith motivated them to pass out anointed prayer cloths to law enforcement throughout Shelby County.“We believe in prayer, the power of prayer, and I believe that God is powerful and that he can do anything,” Center Christian Academy Pastor, Dathan Triplett said. “In Acts chapter 19 verse 12 is where...

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Police: Gunman targeted officers in overnight shooting

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COLUMBUS, Ohio No Columbus police officers were hurt after a gunman opened fire on them late Wednesday night on the northeast side. Police say the gunfire began just before midnight Wednesday when officers got a call about shots fired on East 19th Avenue. A short time later, more shots were reportedly fired on Windsor Avenue. Another call to police said a house was shot at on East 12th Avenue. When police arrived, they found at least two apartments and several vehicles that were hit by gunfire. While officers were waiting for an assault squad to arrive on scene, an unknown...

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Cali firefighters asked to remove flag supporting fallen police officers

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The department expressed concerns that the flag may put firefighters at risks for ‘extremists targeting the fire engine’ Riverside County Fire Department firefighters were ordered Monday to remove a pro-police flag from one of their engines. The “thin blue line” flag was originally installed by firefighter Eric Hille to honor police officers killed in Baton Rouge and Dallas. He posted a picture of the flag July 17, hours after a gunman killed three officers in Baton Rouge. “We wanted to show our support for our brothers in blue,” Hille wrote to accompany the original Facebook photos. The following day, the firefighters were...

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Firefighters union urges caution to members after social media threats

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BUFFALO, N.Y. - Buffalo firefighters are being urged by their union and the New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association (NYSPFFA) to be cautious, after the state association found threatening comments against firefighters on social media. The NYSPFFA says the threats come from a subject claiming to be from an extremist group, but the group has not been named. It provides these examples of threats found online (with original capitalization): "As you fight, remember that the FIREMEN and POLICE are on the SAME SIDE! Don't be fooled." "WE ARE CALLING ON ALL GANGS ACROSS THE NATION! ATTACK EVERYTHING IN BLUE...

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Tips for Summertime Response and Wellness

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With summer upon us, fire service members must now contend with additional demands due to extreme summer conditions, from high temperatures and humidity levels to more people on the streets during a response. Firefighters can overcome these hazards and complications by understanding and properly preparing for them beforehand. Roadway and Construction Hazards Summer marks the peak of road construction season in most of the U.S. Are your crews familiar with what roadway projects are taking place and where? How will response times to areas be affected and do crews have alternative routes to take to these areas? How are homes/businesses...

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