Firefighter Shirt Designs | The Screen Printing Process

Screen-printing is one of the most popular ways of producing beautiful shirts in bulk. Here are some of the basics surrounding this process.


How it Works


In the traditional silk-screening approach, you start with a square wooden frame about the size of a T-shirt. Over this frame, you tightly stretch a piece of sheer fabric (originally silk, now polyester). This is the screen. Over this sheer fabric, you put a thin sheet of plastic into which you have cut holes where you want the ink to appear on the T-shirt. You can either cut the holes with a scalpel (an arduous task), or you can use a liquid plastic coating that's sensitive to ultraviolet light and "cut" the holes with light. It is hard to find a printing method as versatile as screen-printing. It can be done on almost any surface as long as it is flat, fabric, wood, plastic and even metal, among many others.




Next, you place your T-shirt on a flat board and press the screen onto the fabric. By coating the screen with thick ink using a sponge, you cause the ink to flow through the screen onto the T-shirt. For multi-color designs, you do this multiple times, starting with the lightest color and moving up to the darkest. Screen-printing allows for greater thickness of the ink than other techniques, which result in greater possibilities when it comes to the finish of the piece.


Firefighter Shirt Designs


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