Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts | Questions to Ask Your T-Shirt Printers

Whether you’re launching your own clothing brand or a t-shirt-based marketing campaign to promote your company’s product, service or cause, you’ll need to pick the right printing company that could meet your requirements. The only way for you to find one is to get as much information as you can about them, their printing techniques, and more. While you can always conduct your research online when you’re looking for the best printers to produce your Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts, it’s extremely important to speak to any of their representatives and ask them these important questions:

What Printing Method Do They Use?

Know what type of printing method your design requires and ask them if they use the same method. The most popular methods for printing artwork onto custom apparel are digital printing, screen printing, and embroidery. 

Screen printing involves the use of a woven mesh stretched over a frame, a stencil that forms the mesh’s open areas which allow the transfer of ink through the mesh using a squeegee. Digital printing is your best choice if your artwork comes with plenty of colors and details like a photograph. Embroidery involves threads sewn into the garment to produce your design.

What Shirt Brands to They Carry?

Look for brands that you’re familiar with and consider the sizing and where the apparels are produced. Don’t forget that the brand you choose will definitely affect the price you pay.

Do They Have a Minimum Order?

This depends on the printing technique you’re planning to use. For example, screen printing requires a minimum order quantity because they’ll need to set up the screen while other print processes require at least 10 pieces of the same design. 

What is Their Turnaround Time? 

If you’re pressed for time, this is a critical question to ask. Some printers can manage to pop a few shirts out in one day while others need several days to process your order. When you talk to a printer, make sure that you come to an agreement on the date of delivery.

Looking for Tee Printers for Your Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts?

The printing company you choose will significantly impact the success or failure of your marketing campaign or clothing brand. Dove Designs is experienced in designing and printing high-quality, custom-made Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts. Call us today or visit our website to check us out!

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