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Bullying Prevention: 5 Tips for Teachers, Principals, and Parents

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Approximately 32 percent of students report being bullied at school. Bullied students are more likely to take a weapon to school, get involved in physical fights, and suffer from anxiety and depression, health problems, and mental health problems. They suffer academically (especially high-achieving black and Latino students). And research suggests that schools where students report a more severe bullying climate score worse on standardized assessments than schools with a better climate. This is all common sense to educators. They have known for decades that students need to be in safe, supportive learning environments to thrive. And the vast majority care...

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Survival tools every firefighter should carry

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  Firefighters, along with Chief Ernie Rhodes, show some basic but essential survival tools every firefighter should carry in this latest episode of FIREGROUND.

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Fire officer training: 6 ways to make safer firefighters

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The company officer plays a critical role in firefighter safety; here are steps the officer can take build a culture of safety Feb 25, 2014 By Robert Avsec Many years ago, one of the first fire service publications that I had the good fortune to get my hands on was the book "Effective Company Command" by the late Battalion Chief James O. Page. Some of the "old salts" may be familiar with Chief Page who served for many years with the Los Angeles County Fire Department; many of you know him as the technical advisor for the popular television show...

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