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One firefighter's story: Bullying drove me to the brink of suicide

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Coworkers, men and women, bullied and tormented a young paramedic during a difficult period of her life instead of training, mentoring and supporting her In the days after the body of firefighter-paramedic Nicole Mittendorff was found and allegations of bullying and harassment were made public, we received messages from women who have experienced bullying, harassment and sexual assault in their EMS agencies and fire departments. This article is from Sarah Mielke, creator of the Emotional Trauma Life Support program. The first time I really faced bullying was as a probie on a skilled, well-regarded part-time fire department. I had come from...

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BULLYING ON THE JOB: A NEW THREAT TO THE FIRE SERVICE   By Scott E. Crandall There is a frightening new behavior sweeping across the country that could wreak havoc with the core fire serviceconcepts of teamwork and brotherhood. It can be initiated by any member of the service, regardless of rank. This new behavior is workplace bullying. No doubt, you have seen media reports on the subject of "school bullying." Many kids have taken their own lives because of this atrocious behavior. The statistics on school bullying and suicide are alarming: Suicide is the third leading cause of death...

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