Fire Duty Shirts | How Firefighters Give Back

Many people are unaware of the other ways that firefighters give back to our cities and towns. Here are some ways that they help us in our daily lives.


Community Functions


In recent years it has become much more common for fire departments to also perform emergency medical functions as well as the traditional firefighting functions. So often times that involves the fire department housing ambulances as well as the Paramedics and EMTs that staff them. Firefighters have also traditionally been tasked with rescue duties prior to emergency medical workers talking over patient care. That includes car crashes, high angle or confined space or structural collapse, and flood/swift water incidents.


Specialized Training


You'll also see, in some communities, very highly specialized firefighters that are cross-trained as Hazardous Materials Technicians, Aircraft Rescue, and Firefighters, Shipboard Firefighters, Industrial Firefighters or Wildland Firefighters. Each of these are very specialized areas of training that pose different hazards than traditional firefighting and are very necessary if any of those specialized hazards are close to the community. Often times at the city or county level there is a firefighter known as the fire marshal who is responsible for enforcing fire codes which help keep people safe (examples of this are commercial doors open outwards so they can be pushed in a panic in case of a fire, or maximum capacity listings for commercial occupancies), as well as investigation of suspicious fires to assist in apprehension of arsonists who are endangering life and property.


Fire Duty Shirts


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