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Chief: Police returning to Dallas shooting scene overwhelmed

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Dallas Police Chief David Brown says several officers testifying on the fatal shooting of five colleagues last month were overwhelmed when they returned to the scene and that some could need up to five years of treatment to recover from the trauma. Brown told the city council Tuesday that more than 300 witnesses have been interviewed in the investigation into the shooting July 7 during a protest march in downtown Dallas. The investigation includes having officers who worked that night return downtown to explain the timeline of events. Brown says some officers were overcome by emotion and had to postpone...

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DPD Officer’s Injury From Ambush Ruled “Accidental”

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Dallas Attack Deemed ‘Accidental Discharge Of A Firearm’ By Officer’s Worker’s Comp Doctor. One of the heroes who was shot in the shoulder during the Dallas Black Lives Matter terrorist attack has been recovering from his injury. The unidentified police officer was shot by the terrorist during the attack which killed five officers and wounded eight others. Due to the police officer’s injury being work-related, he is going through the workers-compensation process. This officer’s workers-compensation doctor apparently doesn’t think too much of police officers getting shot in a terrorist attack, as he has labeled the shooting an “accidental discharge of a...

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Timpson officer gives anointed prayer cloths to law enforcement

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CENTER, TX - After hearing about the killings of three Baton Rouge officers, Timpson Police Officer Jacob Metcalf turned to his church for guidance.“I immediately contacted my pastor and asked if we could do some prayer cloths for protection over the Shelby County officers as we perform our duties,” Metcalf said.Their faith motivated them to pass out anointed prayer cloths to law enforcement throughout Shelby County.“We believe in prayer, the power of prayer, and I believe that God is powerful and that he can do anything,” Center Christian Academy Pastor, Dathan Triplett said. “In Acts chapter 19 verse 12 is where...

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Police sing "Jesus Will Fix It"

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Huntsville Police Department Blue Notes singing Buy Back the Blue (SST-BTB) Sold Separately Buy Pray For Blue (SST-PFB) Sold Separately Buy Pray For Dallas (SST-PFD)

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Cali firefighters asked to remove flag supporting fallen police officers

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The department expressed concerns that the flag may put firefighters at risks for ‘extremists targeting the fire engine’ Riverside County Fire Department firefighters were ordered Monday to remove a pro-police flag from one of their engines. The “thin blue line” flag was originally installed by firefighter Eric Hille to honor police officers killed in Baton Rouge and Dallas. He posted a picture of the flag July 17, hours after a gunman killed three officers in Baton Rouge. “We wanted to show our support for our brothers in blue,” Hille wrote to accompany the original Facebook photos. The following day, the firefighters were...

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