The Nest — #NationalPoliceWeek

Law Enforcement: Great idea to gain support from your community.

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McLean High School students painted the “rock” at their school in honor of Police Week

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 Fairfax County Va. Police Dept says thank you to McLean High School for showing their respect and appreciation. Fairfax Co. Police are getting many positive tweets and comments on their twitter and facebook pages in regards to these high school students act of appreciation. Buy Back the Blue (SST-BTB) Sold Separately Buy Pray For Blue (SST-PFB) Sold Separately Buy Loved By An Officer (LST-PLBO) Buy Loved By A Deputy (LST-PLBD)

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CMPD officer used 'laughter' to defuse situation with teen with autism

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Tuesday morning, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Tim Purdy was adamant about reminding people the viral photo he posted Friday was evidence of a situation that’s not uncommon for police officers. “I don’t think anything I did was out of the ordinary. It just happened it got caught on camera and went to Facebook,” Purdy said.  "There’s more to policing than making arrests and enforcing the law. Sometimes taking those extra little steps makes the biggest difference in someone’s life," the post read.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer has gone viral after he reportedly helped a high school student who has autism. Tuesday morning,...

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Kids show support for police, firefighters through lemonade stand (VIDEO)

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  Two young boys in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, spent their Sunday afternoon doing something special to show their appreciation for local law enforcement and firefighters. Aiden Best and Nathan Perry set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the police department. “I feel like you haven’t really seen anybody thanking any of them right now so this is for them,” Aiden told reporters. “We felt like the police have done so much for us and they have nothing in return,” Nathan added. “They just did it because it’s their job.” The boys used the $50 they raised to buy...

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Sweet Photo Of Officer Comforting Toddler In Hospital Goes Viral

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For this cop, making sure a boy felt comforted was all part of wearing the badge.  “It was just human instinct.” A photo that recently went viral on Facebook features Officer James Hurst of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department in Georgia, holding a child at a hospital.  The boy had been found without adult supervision and taken to the facility, where the child became upset during a medical examination. So the officer made sure the boy would feel safe.  “I just knew this child needed somebody to be there for him,” Hurst said of his compassionate act, according to a release from the Department. “It...

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