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Quick Tips For Firefighters

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  When a team of fire fighters responds to a call, there is usually a dangerous situation at hand. Upon reaching the scene it is critical for these first responders to immediately get to work in order to keep the people in these situations safe. When encountering a person with an autism spectrum disorder, the fire fighters may need to adjust their emergency response accordingly. In situations where the individual may be at risk, it is vital that the fire fighters be able to identify certain signs that may indicate that the person has ASD. The proper training and knowledge...

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Autism awareness: Response tips for firefighters

#autismawareness #firefighter #firefighters #firefightersvsautism #LIUB

A first responder is seven times more likely to come in contact with an individual with autism than the average person By Fire Captain John M. Knowing that an emergency situation involves an individual with autism is important, from the dispatcher to the first responders on scene. When the dispatcher includes the phrase "the individual has autism," what is going to be your reaction?Is autism something you just heard about or are you prepared for a situation that will be unique and unpredictable? The answer could mean the difference of injury or death to the first responder or individual,...

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