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Franklin boy tries to sell teddy bear for food; police go beyond call of duty

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“(We) said a little prayer and ate dinner together,” FRANKLIN, Ohio —After finding a young boy all alone trying to sell his teddy bear for food, Franklin police charged the child’s parents with child endangerment. Officer Steve Dunham found the child in a busy area and went beyond the requirements of his badge to help. Officials said they received a call on Sunday afternoon that a young boy was wandering in downtown Franklin alone. Police said the 7-year-old was peddling his toy in front of a drug store to get money for food. “It broke my heart,” Dunham said. “He...

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  Police Sgt. Stephen Wick, a member of the Houston Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team, was caught on camera helping to clean the feet of a homeless man, and the photo has gone viral. The homeless man in question is a 75-year-old named Quintus, whom Wick said had gotten to know over the past year through his work with the outreach squad. According to Wick, Quintus has glaucoma, which has left him practically blind. Several weeks ago, Wick and his partner saw Quintus aimlessly wandering the streets, obviously in need of help, so they brought him to a safe area close to...

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North Tonawanda Firefighter's home burns after being targeted with a racist letter

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The North Tonawanda volunteer firefighter who received a racist letter in his mailbox had his home set on fire. Kenneth Walker and his family were out of the house at the time of the fire, but their two cats perished. Kenneth Walker recently received a letter stating he should resign his position at the fire department, “or you will regret it.” Investigators are not sure yet if the two are connected, but are looking into it. The FBI is now looking into the case. The reaction ranged from anger to shame after residents learned that a North Tonawanda volunteer firefighter...

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