Timpson officer gives anointed prayer cloths to law enforcement

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CENTER, TX - After hearing about the killings of three Baton Rouge officers, Timpson Police Officer Jacob Metcalf turned to his church for guidance.

“I immediately contacted my pastor and asked if we could do some prayer cloths for protection over the Shelby County officers as we perform our duties,” Metcalf said.

Their faith motivated them to pass out anointed prayer cloths to law enforcement throughout Shelby County.

“We believe in prayer, the power of prayer, and I believe that God is powerful and that he can do anything,” Center Christian Academy Pastor, Dathan Triplett said. “In Acts chapter 19 verse 12 is where we get the biblical sample of using handkerchiefs as the word of King James.”

“We all gathered around at the front of the alter and anointed the cloths with oil and prayed,” Metcalf said.

Metcalf and his pastor wanted to give officers an extra layer of protection in light of the  recent acts against law enforcement.

“Not only do they risk their lives every day, but seemingly they are targeted by some individuals,” Triplett said. “Every life is important because we are all created by God.”

“I carry mine on a daily basis, I pin it inside the pocket on my shirt,” Metcalf said. “That way I’ll always have it. It gives me a since of comfort, but also I get comfort by talking to the Lord, and praying to him multiple times a day. I thank him for the gift of life.”

Metcalf said he hopes this will encourage churches to back the boys in blue.

“I hope for other churches in the county to stand behind the officers that risk their life on a daily basis,” Metcalf said.

“We believe that these guys do a great job for us in the community,” Triplett said. “We wanted to see God’s hand of protection over them.”

Metcalf said he plans on passing out more anointed prayer cloths to other officers throughout East Texas.  

By Alexis Frazier

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