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That feeling you get when you open your order from Dove Designs

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How Teachers Can Recharge This Summer

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After all the snow we had in New England this year, I wasn't even sure we would get a summer vacation. But the days are winding down, the seniors are gone, and those seven weeks of summer are just around the corner. While the rest of the world thinks teachers will be basking in the sun, sailing the blue seas, and exploring China during their well-deserved break, in reality, most of us will be enrolled in classes working toward our Master’s degree or Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, earning PDPs in professional development courses, restructuring lesson plans, taking part in...

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Teachers: 8 Tips on How to Finish The School Year Strong

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Teacher, I understand that end-of-the-school-year feeling. I know that you are tired and overwhelmed. I know how much you have to get done and how mentally and physically draining finishing a school year is. I know you’re ready for the summer. But I want to encourage you – finish the year strong! I promise the summer will be here soon. But until then, don’t phone it in. Don’t coast. Don’t just go through the motions. You only have a few more days to impact your students. Don’t waste that time. Don’t give up yet. These last few days can make all...

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You can make a difference.


Be inspired and make a difference in America's future! #elemchat #middleschool #highschool #teachers Posted by Dove Designs on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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The 9-11 anniversary: helping a child through

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Today’s grim anniversary brings up the question for parents, yet again, of how to talk about the terrorist attacks with children, because directly affected or not, even the smallest Americans have felt the reverberations of the terrorists attacks. (Gary Hershorn/Reuters)“Anniversaries, especially when associated with media coverage, often resurface feelings related to a difficult event such as 9/11. Parents and friends can offer support by helping children anticipate this reaction, advise them on how to limit or handle grief triggers (which might include limiting exposure to media coverage of the event) and offering additional physical presence and emotional support around the...

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