Oklahoma Trooper Downs suspect while driving, with RIFLE...


Michael Vance murdered two of his own family members, critical wounded a woman during a carjacking, and shot three police officers during a crime spree that began on October 23.

When Oklahoma State Troopers caught his scent they were not about to let him go, including the lead trooper in the chase, who appears to have knocked out his patrol car’s windshield so that he could engage Vance with his M4 assault rifle.

I’ve seen people fight with automatic weapons in cars in the movies, but I’ve never seen an officer driving a vehicle during a high speed chase while looking through a magnified scope of a carbine and squeezing off rounds with his right hand, while steering his car with his left hand.

I feel fairly confident in positing that the Oklahoma State Police don’t practice shooting at criminals during high speed pursuits in this manner, but the trooper (above) seemed incredibly focused and poised as he carried out one of the more difficult real-life engagements I’ve ever seen.

We can’t be sure, but it seems possible that the Trooper above was also the Trooper who went full-auto and brought Michael Vance—who was armed with an AKM and who was shooting back at troopers—down with what sounded like a 7-shot burst.

Credit: Bob Owens; BearingArms.com

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