" BLOW STUFF UP ", wish granted for youth



A 12-year-old Australian boy in remission from cancer has been granted his request to "blow stuff up" with an elite police squad.

Make-A-Wish Australia organized the day for Declan, who was diagnosed in 2015.

He was taken behind-the-scenes at a police training facility, participated in a hostage-rescue exercise and detonated a series of explosives.

Declan was also given the VIP treatment from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"Declan hasn't been well lately but today found out what it was like to sit in the prime minister's chair and visited the cabinet room before exploring the rest of Parliament House," Mr Turnbull wrote on Sunday.

"What a great thing to do," Opposition Leader Bill Shorten replied. "Declan looks right at home."

Assistant Commissioner David Sharpe from the Australian Federal Police said it was not hard to find volunteers for the exercise.

"Declan's wish was to blow something up and obviously that's something we can do," he told the BBC.

"But this is not just about Declan. It's about his recovery, his family and delivering something for them as well."

The adventure also included a meet-and-greet with Governor-General Peter Cosgrove and a tour of the US Embassy with Marines.

Make-A-Wish approached Declan during his seven months of chemotherapy treatment.

"What inspired Declan's wish, I think was for him to do something different and something to take his mind off his illness," said Declan's mother Belinda.

"He has been telling all our friends and family that he's going to blow stuff up and they have all been really jealous."




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