The Badge

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I come in many sizes,
In many shapes I'm made;
I'm on a shirt or in a case,
Or by other means displayed.

I've stood for many things, you know,
Throughout my many years;
I've reflected hero's faces,
And been wet with widow's tears.

I've been scratched and sometimes tarnished,
I've been repaired along the line;
But with steadfast duty as my brush,
I have kept my honor's shine.

I tell the world of my intent,
And all who see me know,
That whoever wears me, knows the way
That their life has to go.

I'm the symbol that they call the "badge,"
I'm an emblem held in awe;
And to those who try to live by right,
I represent the law.

But no matter what I'm made of -
Be it silver, tin, or gold,
I stand for things the same today
As I did in days of old.

By:     L.E. "Jack" Driscoll, Sheriff, Grayson County, Texas - May 1993

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