Rich Kid Torches His Ferrari To Get A New One

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Rich Kid Torches His Ferrari To Get A New One


The 20-year-old son of a Swiss millionaire has been sentenced to almost two years probation for trying to scam a new Ferrari sports car.

 According to local media reports, he organised arsonists to torch his Ferrari 458 so he could buy the newer model with the insurance payout.

 The car, which was one of 15 owned by the un-named man, had an estimated replacement value of close to £200,000. His other cars include a Lamborghini.

 The arsonists took the Ferrari over the border to the German town of Augsburg, where they set fire to it in an industrial car park.

 While that was happening, the 20-year old went to get a massage so he would have a legitimate alibi.

 But his plan backfired when police reviewed surveillance footage and phone logs which linked the man with the arsonists.

 In court, it emerged that he received a monthly allowance from his father of up to £6,500, and had properties worth millions of pounds.

 Prosecutors were pushing for a jail sentence for those involved in the plan, but the judge instead opted for a period of probation and a fine of €30,000 (£21,500).

 And, of course, he no longer has his Ferrari.

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