2017 National High School Drill Team Championships



Ocean Center Arena & Exhibit Hall
Sunny Daytona Beach, Florida

Challenge Level/OLCG: Friday, 5 May, 2017
Masters Level: Saturday & Sunday, 6-7 May, 2017

Registration will open for the 2017 Nationals on  September 1, 2016.


The NHSDTC remains the largest and most well-recognized collection of drill & ceremony talent ever assembled in a single weekend. The four primary branches of the military will be sending their finest schools to compete in this unparalleled weekend of military excellence. Over 100,000 cadets, instructors and parents have attended the NHSDTC competition over the years. You and your program should add yourselves to this illustrious list as a competitor or as a spectator.


The NHSDTC competition is annually spectacular and unlike any other military drill event you will ever attend. Scores and scores of amazing performances were seen by thousands at all levels of competition in all corners of the building. Judges annually commented that there were more than a few schools competing at the Challenge Level that would have easily been able to step into the Masters Level competition! That is a testament to the effort, sacrifice, and intense preparation that teams maintained this year in all levels. The best of videos will easily be the most exciting that have been put forth in many years!

The National High School Drill Team Championships remain the most famous Junior ROTC military drill & ceremony competition in the world. This all-service competition takes place every year in Daytona Beach, Florida each Spring and brings together most of the nation's finest performance military drill units from throughout the United States. It remains a privilege and a pleasure to be associated with this exciting, uplifting military competition.


The Daytona Beach Ocean Center Arena and Conference Center provides the perfect backdrop for this National Championships competition. Great judges, oceanfront hotels and warm tropical weather give the Nationals the first-class atmosphere that all of the attendees deserve.

Invitations to attend the Nationals are mailed annually in late September within Drill NATION Magazine. Along with interesting articles, scores, pictures and final standings from the most recently completed National High School Drill Team Championships competition, the magazine contains the Official Invitation for your school to enter this prestigious, world-renowned drill and ceremony spectacular that school year!


Recent history and advanced telephone conversations with instructors from across the country indicate the Nationals will again maintain the finest schools from across the United States AND the event will be VERY FULL!!! The Nationals do not try to be the largest drill competition in the world, just the very finest! The early December suspense date for entering the Nationals will provide all schools from across the Nation an equal opportunity to be a part of this memorable drill weekend.

Updated details regarding all competition levels at the Nationals, including: Masters Level Competition; Challenge Level Competition; and Open Level Color Guard competition have been posted here. With the inclusion of all three of these exciting competitions, the Nationals have become the home for every drill program wishing to end their drill season doing something all of their hard working cadets will remember for the rest of their lives.


We hope that all JROTC schools have enjoyed the Drill NATION Magazine which mailed in early October to all JROTC units across the globe! Results and general information regarding the Navy Nationals Academic, Athletic and Drill championships, as well as the Army JROTC Drill Classic, and the high-powered, Air Force JROTC only Air Force National JROTC Drill Championships make this publication an informative magazine. All of these great JROTC competitions make our work here at Sports Network International very hectic and also very rewarding! We often receive email messages from cadets who competed here at the Nationals that are now living and working within the private sector or serving their country as officers and enlisted personnel within the many branches of the Armed Forces.

Here's wishing all schools, teams and cadets the best as you prepare for the coming challenges. Remember to always do your best!


Justin Gates

NHSDTC Competition Director


To register your school for the Nationals, please visit: https://myschool.thenationals.net/Registration/Step1  - if you choose to mail your registration fee, your school is not considered registered until the fee has been received. Schools unsure of which competition level they should enter should contact SNI before submitting their School Registration. Remember, the events will not be posted until September 1, 2016.

To learn more, please visit http://www.thenationals.net/nhsdtc.htm

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