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Franklin boy tries to sell teddy bear for food; police go beyond call of duty

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“(We) said a little prayer and ate dinner together,” FRANKLIN, Ohio —After finding a young boy all alone trying to sell his teddy bear for food, Franklin police charged the child’s parents with child endangerment. Officer Steve Dunham found the child in a busy area and went beyond the requirements of his badge to help. Officials said they received a call on Sunday afternoon that a young boy was wandering in downtown Franklin alone. Police said the 7-year-old was peddling his toy in front of a drug store to get money for food. “It broke my heart,” Dunham said. “He...

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Chief: Police returning to Dallas shooting scene overwhelmed

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Dallas Police Chief David Brown says several officers testifying on the fatal shooting of five colleagues last month were overwhelmed when they returned to the scene and that some could need up to five years of treatment to recover from the trauma. Brown told the city council Tuesday that more than 300 witnesses have been interviewed in the investigation into the shooting July 7 during a protest march in downtown Dallas. The investigation includes having officers who worked that night return downtown to explain the timeline of events. Brown says some officers were overcome by emotion and had to postpone...

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Bystander helps Oklahoma cop under attack

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A bystander stepped and took down the officer's attacker   EDMOND, Okla. — Dash cam footage captured the moment a bystander rushed to the aid of an officer under attack. ABC News reports the officer received a call of two suspects who were using cloned credit cards to buy gift cards at various shops around the area. The officer spotted the pair and a scuffle ensued as an arrest attempt was made. Video captured one of the suspects, Yohanker Paradela-Moreu, beating the officer as another officer attempted to stop the attack. A bystander then stepped in and took down Paradela-Moreu. The second...

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DPD Officer’s Injury From Ambush Ruled “Accidental”

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Dallas Attack Deemed ‘Accidental Discharge Of A Firearm’ By Officer’s Worker’s Comp Doctor. One of the heroes who was shot in the shoulder during the Dallas Black Lives Matter terrorist attack has been recovering from his injury. The unidentified police officer was shot by the terrorist during the attack which killed five officers and wounded eight others. Due to the police officer’s injury being work-related, he is going through the workers-compensation process. This officer’s workers-compensation doctor apparently doesn’t think too much of police officers getting shot in a terrorist attack, as he has labeled the shooting an “accidental discharge of a...

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NLR Arkansas Police Officer Committed to Changing the World

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Officer Tommy M. Norman with the North Little Rock Police Department comes to the same neighborhood after every shift with snacks and soda and chills with kids who live here for at least an hour. Sometimes he brings a football and plays a few games. In the summer when it's hot he bought slip and slides and water guns for the children and in the winter he bought coats and hoodies.   Buy Back the Blue (SST-BTB) Sold Separately Buy Pray For Blue (SST-PFB) Sold Separately

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