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Dove Designs Inc. will outfit you or your your team with eye-catching Full Sub-Dye designs, printed in stunning, vibrant full color. We specialize in Wholesale High performance Clothing for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, and other First Responders. We have been in business since 1999 and since then we have turned into one of the countries largest supplier for First Responders, but we are more than that. 

We have changed the way business has been done in such a large market, And we are bringing our business to concept to what we are passionate about, sports. They say " Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. "  And we love all sports, Football, Basketball, Fast-pitch Softball, Baseball, Wrestling, Track & Field, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer and Slow Pitch Softball  and we understand the need to achieve maximum performance while maintaining your personal style

All of our sports apparel is manufactured in the USA. 

We offer 2 main types of Sub-Dye uniforms

FULL CUSTOM; FULL SUB-DYE ( Full custom design made from scratch, completely custom made for you)

CUSTOM ; FULL SUB-DYE ( custom design made from one of our Pre-Made templates, all colors available to be interchanged, completely customized made for you)

Reasons to Order from us:

  1. No sales tax for all orders made outside Kentucky.
  4. Order sizes are available from (1-5), (6-11), (12+) (pricing will reflect order size)
  5. The Lowest ART FEES AROUND!!!
  6. We cater to YOU!! Don't mess with these Companies that Only allow 2-3  ART changes before you have to Pay Another ART FEE!!!
  7. We do ALL ARTWORK IN-HOUSE, so we control your order,  we don't sub-contract it out to someone else.
  8. We ARE  the best in Customer Service hands down.
  9. Multiple products and Sizes available for Every sport!
  10. 2-4 Week turnaround
  12. Incentives program, ASK how you Can save up to $25 dollars of your order!!


Our success as a company is 100% because of you, the customer. 

Our goal is to outfit every customer we come in contact with and make sure they leave happy.

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